Calm and tranquil in Okinawa beach

calm water

If you want to have calm and tranquil air, you must to go Yanbaru beaches for reducing your stress.

The reason why you must go to Yanbaru

  1. fewer people and car
  2. deep green forest
  3. driving without stops
  4. long white sand beaches in Okuma area
  5. secret snorkeling beach Adan
  6. less hotels, restaurants, convenience store

Where is Yanbaru located?

Yanbaru, Okinawa, beyond the wing

The Yanbaru forest area starts after Nago City, the 2nd big city on Okinawa main island. After passing Nago and continuing to North, not West for Churaumi, you find deep forests and roads with fewer cars. It is the Yanbaru area. It is another world of cloudy areas such as Naha and Onna vacation hotel areas.

Yanbaru gives you calm and tranquillity

The Yanbaru deep forest area give you calm and peaceful mind. The minus ion shower give you tranquility.

The driving is comfortable because of fewer cars and traffic signals. The West side coast road can give you the view of beautiful sea coast and the peace driving. The East side road pass in the forest, you can see jungle trees.

Yanbaru beaches

The beach in Okuma area, you can find fewer people. However the beach is enough equipped, there are public showers and toilets, so you can enjoy the beaches without accommodation.

Toubaru beach is facing to north, long white sand beach gives a calm stroll on the white sand. There are coral and shells on the beach, sneakers is better for walk than sandals. The beach under water is white sand without rock or coal, so it is not for snorkeling, it for swim calmly.

Yanbaru SougouTaiikukanMae Beach

Okuma Sougou-Taiikukan-Mae beach is good beach for staying, swimming, snorkeling and camping. This beach is protected by breakwater. And you can enjoy camping at the area, but it is not official camping area and small spaces for a few group, so it is good to arrive early.

How to go to Yanbaru

Yanbaru area is far from Naha international airport, the are is not so developed for vacation tourist at beach stay. However it is value to visit there if you like calm vacation.

To go by car see the map,

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