Okinawa Main Island top 5 beaches must visit!

Okinawa beach clean water

Okinawa main land has beautiful beaches, this post gives you the 5 best beaches must go!

1. Kibougaoka Beach

Okinawa Kibougaoka Beach

The Kibougaoka Beach is my best beach on Okinawa main island.

This beach is located near the Harekurani luxury resort hotel. It takes around 1 hour from Naha international airport. The parking space is only for 5 to 6 cars. To access the beach, go down narrow steps and reach the beach. The beach size is only 100 meters, it is small in size, however, you can find unimaginable views.

It is clear water and sky blue color, good to swim on the white sand and calm. And it is not only for swimming but also snorkeling across the rock area.

I strongly recommend visiting this beach in the morning time before the parking lot is filled up.
It is enough to swim with goggles, but if you want to do snorkeling don't forget a life jacket for your safety.

2. Hetona Beach

Hetona beach area has white sand beachs, long line of beach in the area. The big advantage of the beaches is fewer people can be found, so it is calm, no beach shops, but there are toilet and shower. So you can be reach to Zen Spirit at the beach.

Hetona beach is located in the north area of Okinawa main island where we call Yanbaru. It takes 2 hours from Naha international airport.

When you swim at Hetona beach, very big attention needed to sea currents, dangerous animals, because there is no beach life guard on there.

3. Sesoko Beach

Sesoko beach is nice for snorkeling. You can discover tropical fishes under the water.
There are life guard working in the swimming authorized season from April to October, so less risk in case of accident.

The beach located in the small island called Sesoko connected with main island by big bridge. So you can go there by car. The distance from Naha international airport is around 2 hours drive.

4. Kouri Beach

Kouri beach is located under the end of Kouri bridge. It is one of most beautiful bleu color view in Okinawa.

Kouri beach is not favorable for swimming, there are see greens under water.

To access Kouri beach, you drive the car around 2 hours from Naha international airport.

5. Tropical Beach

If you don't have enough time for visiting to north, you can go to Tropical beach in Ginowan. The beach is clear water and less waves because of breakwaters. Tropical beach is in the Ginowan park area, there is beach shop, toilet, shower and also life guards watch the beach in the season from April to October.

It is nice for swimming in Okinawa if you don't have enough time.

it takes 30 min from Naha international airport.

Attention, the beach is totally closed from November to March, you cannot swim and enter the water, life guard stops you.

Okinawa , Tropical Beach, prohibited to swim

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