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Anchi Beach on Sesoko Island, Okinawa, Japan

To Whom Recommend Anchi Beach loving snorkeling in tropical clear and natural water interesting Sesoko Island Good Points of Anchi Beach Emerald bleu water, Coral reef, Easy to enjoy snorkering at close area to beach Shower and Restroom available 2 hours far from Naha international airport Shop for cold drink, snaks Beach shop for marine activities Preparation for Anchi beach Better to bring marine shoes and grooves, because coral reef is in swiming area Some 100 Yen coins and cash for payment Anchi beach info Open All Year, (Shops: May to Oct.)AdmissionFreeWebLinkPublic ToiletIn Beach Shop Toilet, public toilet 500m alongShowerPaidChanging RoomPaidAutomatic Locker-ParkingPaid on beach, free public parking 500 m along EnjoySwimmingAllowedSnorkerlingAllowedWater ActivitiesAvailable SafetyLifeguardUnavailableJellyfish/Shark NetUnavailable ComfortPavilion with BenchUnavailableParasol with Beach BedPaidBeach ShopAvailableDetail Info Anchi Beach Highlight Beach Color Emerald shining bleu color, beautiful view with the Sesoko bridge. Activities Anchi beach is good for snorkeling, rental service available in beach shop. Anchi Beach's Toilet, Shower, Changing Room, Automatic Locker Anchi beach beach shop provides paid shower and restroom From Airport It takes 1hour and 45min from Naha International Airport. map is here Parking A paid parking available close to the beach. A public parking is available 500 m descending to the beach. Anchi Beach Activities There are activities of short sea tripping by floating boat towing by a water bike. Must Visit with Anchi Beach You also have to visit Gorilla Chop for diving, watchin sunset at Sesoko Beach. Summary Anchi Beach is one of the best natural beach in Okinawa main Island northern area. There ...



Hentona beach, beautiful clean water for swimming and snorkering

Today, I am showing, Hentona Beach in Okinawa's north area. The beach is white sand and clean water and fewer people.When we visit Okinawa's main island, we look for a beautiful emerald green beach and go to Onna village area. It takes 1 hour drive from Naha airport, so it is easy to access. For this reason, the Onna area is popular and developed for the beach resort.However, if you want to have tranquility in your mind and refresh deeply, you must go to the north area.You can see clear water and a few people on the beach in the area. So you can have a deep breathing on your mind. Evaluation of Hentona Beach The beach is clean water and white sand. It is protected by sea blocks, so there is less swell for safe swimming. At sunset time, the sun goes down into the sea, the graduation of blue to red and then black, it's amazing to see. Facilities of Hentona Beach The beach is not guarded by the life guard, no protection for jellyfish. The public toilets and shower are free of charge. The shower is available in open sky areas but also in the facility for women. There is no change cloth area, nor coin lockers. The parking space is for 5-6 cars on sand.No vendor shop.No marine activity shop. How to Access to Hentona Beach By car, it takes around 2 hours from Naha International Airport. It is strongly recommended to take a car rental to go to Hentona. ...



Events in Okinawa Main Island, 2023 Summer

2023 Summer, Okinawa Events Jun. 2nd to Sep. 30, Night Zoo Explorer in Neo Park Okinawa July 2023 Events Sat. 1st - Sun. 2nd, Camp Foster Festival in US MARINE base Okinawa Sat. 8th Peaceful Love Rock Festival 2023 (Koza Music Town) Sat. 15th, Okinawa Ocean Expo Park Festival (Fire Works) in Okinawa Expo Park Sat. 15th - Sun 16th, Corona Sunset Festival in Toyosaki Seaside Park August 2023 Events August-Okinawa Zento Eisa festival (Koza) September2023 Events Sat. 30th - Sun. OCT. 1st, Ginowan Hagoromo Festival (Ginowane Seaside Park) October 2023 Events November 2023 Events November-Okinawa International Carnival (Koza) Tourist Information Offices Motobu Town Tourist Information



Sleeping in Car in Okinawa

Okinawa is beautiful and safety island for visitors, it is chance to try sleeping in the car, there are camping and local parking where you can try it. In deep night of Okinawa, you can find another world than staying hotel or Airbnb. Stay in Camping The camping is best way to stay in nature, there are the places to camp in Okinawa. Park in Camping area and sleeping in the car with perfect safety, restrooms, showers and cooking. There are some camping areas rent the tent and BBQ goods, so it can be possible for tourist visitor. Stay in Road Park (Michi-no-Eki) One possibility for sleeping in the car is in a road park called “Michi-no-Eki” in Japanese words, meaning Road Station, parking, and toilet open 24/24, shop is open morning to evening. You can enjoy sleeping in the car at a road park. There are not shower in it, so you take shower at beach or go to a hot spa, cooking is not allowed, so eat at a restaurant, drinking alcohol is not prohibited but never drive after driving Japanese law is strict for drank drive. The Michi-no-Eki is prohibited to do camping or tent, it is only parking the car allowed, also party interdicted. Stay in Beach Side Okinawa island has beautiful beaches, so sleeping on the beach side gives a good dream. There are some beaches equipped with 24h/24 parking and toilets for suitable sleeping in a car. In the north Okinawa area, beautiful stars shining in the dark can ...



Getting Tranquillity, Healing on the Beach Videos, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 8 hours.

Soft Wave sounds for feel the beach 1 Hour 2 Hours This video shows white sand and turquoise blue water in the Maldives. 3 Hours This video shows the peaceful Caribbean beach. 8 Hours This video helps you relax and dream in your sleep. Sunrise Beach, Koh Lipe in Thailand,



Where you exchange money in Okinawa, here is the answer for USD, EUR, or other currencies!

In Okinawa, you need to use Japanese Yen for purchasing by cash. There are many shops accept credit card, so you don't needs cash for travel in general. conveniences stores (glossary shop), restaurants, drug stores, shopping malls, parking and toll road fee. There is not tip system in Japanese restaurants. However, still, some situations you need Japanese Yen such as local shops, coin parking, coin lockers, and coin shower. Where you can exchange foreign currency to Japanese Yen In Okinawa, you don't find exchange shop as New York or Paris. You can change at Automatic Exchange Machine (ATM). You can find at Naha Airport and popular shopping mall. An Okinawan big bank, Okinawa Ginko (Okigin) serve the ATM see the map in their official web page attached to Google map. Otherwise, use translation function for your language because the web page is in Japanese. Okigin goreign currency ATM pictures for your reference Here is some pictures about foreign currency ATM, it is difference than cash withdraw ATM. Here is front view of the ATM Exchange fee is around 3% This Okigin foreign currency exchange ATM takes around 3% as commission. It is reasonable for me to compare to an exchange shop for small amount.

100 yen required coin shower



Okinawa, Public Shower and Toilet in Beach! Don't forget 100 Yen coin!

Today I want to inform you of the importance of 100 Yen coins in Japan. Public Toilet is free of charge first, In big advantage of Japan, public restroom is free of charge, generally well maintained and free toilet paper equipped. Therefore you don’t need to prepare anything to use. However it is always a good idea to take your own precautions such tissue paper and hygiene cleaner. Public Shower requires 100 Yen coins In popular cases, public beach showers require a small fee for usage 100 to 300 Yen. Look for payment system on the side of shower. It must to carry some 100 Yen coin for using the shower in Okinawa public beaches. Public shoer provides only water hot or ambient temperature, so it is a good to bring your own soap or shampoo. There are some free shower in open area at some public beaches in Okinawa. Public coin locker requires 100 Yen coins In large size public beaches in Okinawa, there are coin lockers on beside of shower or restroom. And then it require 100 Yen coins for locking, so prepare some coins for the locker. Public parking requires 100 Yen coins At beach side public parking also require 100 Yen coins for payment. Some newly installed parking system accepts a credit card payment, but it is still few in Okinawa. Summary 100 Yen coins are important for enjoying Okinawa public beaches for Showers, Coin Lockers, and Parking other than Toilet.    



Okinawa Hotel's private beach can be accessed with a parking fee as a visitor

Okinawa’s beach resort hotel price is expensive because it includes the full resort. If you want to enjoy only the beach of the hotel, here are options you can consider. Okinawa beaches are for public The beaches are not property of hotel, only land areas are their property. But you cannot access to the beach because it requires to pass hotel land areas where blocked by a gate. How to access to the hotel beach There are conditions of entering hotel land. Pay parking fee Eat at hotel restaurant Book beach activities For enjoying a beach, one simple solution is paying parking fee, its costs are around 2,000 – 3,000 per day, 300 - 600 JPY per hour. The hotel restaurants are enough expensive, so if you haven’t any interest in a specific restaurant, it doesn’t recommend. Booking diving, snorkeling or boats, you can access to hotel beach in same time. It is one solution if you do it. Example of Hotels, visitor can access with parking fee Sheraton Sunmarina Beach Parking fee 600 JPY/hour (maximum 2,500 Yen) From 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. The parking fee can be paid per hour, so you like to try the beach in short time. You can use shower and toilet for visitors. ANA Intercontinental Parking fee 3,000 JPY/day Including facility charge, shower and toilet and beach front small pool. If your group is less than 6 person, you may park at public parking near the hotel and pay facility charge 500 JPY/pax. Under water of ...

Okinawa beach clean water



Okinawa Main Island top 5 beaches must visit!

Okinawa main land has beautiful beaches, this post gives you the 5 best beaches must go! 1. Kibougaoka Beach The Kibougaoka Beach is my best beach on Okinawa main island. This beach is located near the Harekurani luxury resort hotel. It takes around 1 hour from Naha international airport. The parking space is only for 5 to 6 cars. To access the beach, go down narrow steps and reach the beach. The beach size is only 100 meters, it is small in size, however, you can find unimaginable views. It is clear water and sky blue color, good to swim on the white sand and calm. And it is not only for swimming but also snorkeling across the rock area. I strongly recommend visiting this beach in the morning time before the parking lot is filled up. It is enough to swim with goggles, but if you want to do snorkeling don't forget a life jacket for your safety. 2. Hetona Beach Hetona beach area has white sand beachs, long line of beach in the area. The big advantage of the beaches is fewer people can be found, so it is calm, no beach shops, but there are toilet and shower. So you can be reach to Zen Spirit at the beach. Hetona beach is located in the north area of Okinawa main island where we call Yanbaru. It takes 2 hours from Naha international airport. When you swim at Hetona beach, very big attention needed to sea currents, dangerous animals, because there is no ...



Ocean-View driving in Okinawa main island

Today's topic is driving in Okinawa, you can drive the beautiful ocean-view coast road. If you come to Okinawa, don't forget to book a rental car. One point of advice, Okinawa's public transportation is the bus for tourist visits. There is a monorail in the Naha city area, but there isn't any other train or metro. Cautions for driving in Japan (Okinawa) road All accidents case must call 110, police register all accidents. road signs maximum speed no left turn was authorized at the crossing priority left important sign "STOP" written in Japanese. where you drive ocean-view coast roads forest road downtown International Licence Before considering to drive Okinawa, you need a international drivers license of Geneva Convention. Wien version is not acceptable in Japan. ex. Saudi Arabia drivers license. Important, check the expired date of your license. This is the law of Japan, so you have to get the latest information by your responsibility before departing from your country. How to get a car in Okinawa You can book a car by online booking sites such as QEEQ. The Toyota rent a car directly which has relationship with Hertz. It is most easy way. In higher price season, sometimes car rental are fully booked, Higher week are; End and New year, the 29 Dec to 3rd Golden Week, week of end of April to 1st week of May. Obon Week, the week including 15th August. Silver week, the week including XX of September Alternative solution are the time car sharing, the individual car sharing ...