Okinawa Hotel's private beach can be accessed with a parking fee as a visitor

Okinawa Hotel's private beach can be accessed with a parking fee as a visitor

Okinawa’s beach resort hotel price is expensive because it includes the full resort. If you want to enjoy only the beach of the hotel, here are options you can consider.

Okinawa beaches are for public

The beaches are not property of hotel, only land areas are their property. But you cannot access to the beach because it requires to pass hotel land areas where blocked by a gate.

How to access to the hotel beach

There are conditions of entering hotel land.

  • Pay parking fee
  • Eat at hotel restaurant
  • Book beach activities

For enjoying a beach, one simple solution is paying parking fee, its costs are around 2,000 – 3,000 per day, 300 - 600 JPY per hour.

The hotel restaurants are enough expensive, so if you haven’t any interest in a specific restaurant, it doesn’t recommend.

Booking diving, snorkeling or boats, you can access to hotel beach in same time. It is one solution if you do it.

Example of Hotels, visitor can access with parking fee

Sheraton Sunmarina Beach

Sheraton Sunmarina Okinawa

Parking fee

600 JPY/hour (maximum 2,500 Yen)

From 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

The parking fee can be paid per hour, so you like to try the beach in short time. You can use shower and toilet for visitors.

ANA Intercontinental

Parking fee

3,000 JPY/day

Including facility charge, shower and toilet and beach front small pool.

If your group is less than 6 person, you may park at public parking near the hotel and pay facility charge 500 JPY/pax.

Under water of ANA intercontinental beach, there are Nimos (Clownfish).


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