Okinawa, Public Shower and Toilet in Beach! Don't forget 100 Yen coin!

100 yen required coin shower
Today I want to inform you of the importance of 100 Yen coins in Japan.

Public Toilet is free of charge

Okinawa public restroom first, In big advantage of Japan, public restroom is free of charge, generally well maintained and free toilet paper equipped. Therefore you don’t need to prepare anything to use. However it is always a good idea to take your own precautions such tissue paper and hygiene cleaner.

Public Shower requires 100 Yen coins

100 yen required coin shower In popular cases, public beach showers require a small fee for usage 100 to 300 Yen. Look for payment system on the side of shower. It must to carry some 100 Yen coin for using the shower in Okinawa public beaches. Public shoer provides only water hot or ambient temperature, so it is a good to bring your own soap or shampoo. There are some free shower in open area at some public beaches in Okinawa. open area shower in Okinawa beach

Public coin locker requires 100 Yen coins

In large size public beaches in Okinawa, there are coin lockers on beside of shower or restroom. And then it require 100 Yen coins for locking, so prepare some coins for the locker.

Public parking requires 100 Yen coins

parking in Okinawa At beach side public parking also require 100 Yen coins for payment. Some newly installed parking system accepts a credit card payment, but it is still few in Okinawa.


100 Yen coins are important for enjoying Okinawa public beaches for Showers, Coin Lockers, and Parking other than Toilet.  


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