Hentona beach, beautiful clean water for swimming and snorkering

Hentona beach, beautiful clean water for swimming and snorkering

Today, I am showing, Hentona Beach in Okinawa's north area. The beach is white sand and clean water and fewer people.

When we visit Okinawa's main island, we look for a beautiful emerald green beach and go to Onna village area. It takes 1 hour drive from Naha airport, so it is easy to access. For this reason, the Onna area is popular and developed for the beach resort.

However, if you want to have tranquility in your mind and refresh deeply, you must go to the north area.

You can see clear water and a few people on the beach in the area. So you can have a deep breathing on your mind.

Evaluation of Hentona Beach

The beach is clean water and white sand. It is protected by sea blocks, so there is less swell for safe swimming. At sunset time, the sun goes down into the sea, the graduation of blue to red and then black, it's amazing to see.

Facilities of Hentona Beach

The beach is not guarded by the life guard, no protection for jellyfish.

The public toilets and shower are free of charge. The shower is available in open sky areas but also in the facility for women. There is no change cloth area, nor coin lockers.

Shower and Toilet in Hentona Beach, Okinawa

Shower in Hentona Beach

The parking space is for 5-6 cars on sand.No vendor shop.No marine activity shop.

Beach side parking at Hentona Beach

How to Access to Hentona Beach

By car, it takes around 2 hours from Naha International Airport. It is strongly recommended to take a car rental to go to Hentona.

There is access by public bus too. You take a highway bus from the airport to Nago City, 2nd big city of Okinawa's main island. And then take a bus to the North Okuma area.

Where Eating in Hentona Beach

There is one Teppanyaki restaurant in front of the beach, the other side of the road. It seems a normal house but it is really a restaurant. Okonomiyaki is good choice to order. 

Ajinoya restaurant

Where Staying in Hentona Beach

Luxury Hotel

Okuma Private Beach & Resort

Dormitory Hostel

Yanbaru Hostel

Camping at Hentona Beach

There are a few camping space. It is free of charge but need to keep the area at early afternoon for the weekend.

Camping at Hentona Beach, Okinawa



Hentona Beach is good for getting tranquility and peace compared with the crowded Onna Beach resort area. I hope you find a tranquil Okinawa in Hentona. In addition, if you stay there at night, you can find plenty of stars in the sky. I am sure that you enjoy Hentona beach!


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