Ocean-View driving in Okinawa main island

Ocean-View driving in Okinawa main island

Today's topic is driving in Okinawa, you can drive the beautiful ocean-view coast road. If you come to Okinawa, don't forget to book a rental car.

One point of advice, Okinawa's public transportation is the bus for tourist visits. There is a monorail in the Naha city area, but there isn't any other train or metro.

Cautions for driving in Japan (Okinawa) road

  1. All accidents case must call 110, police register all accidents.
  2. road signs
  3. maximum speed
  4. no left turn was authorized at the crossing
  5. priority left
  6. important sign "STOP" written in Japanese.

4x4 Jimny on the beach

where you drive

  • ocean-view coast roads
  • forest road
  • downtown

International Licence

Before considering to drive Okinawa, you need a international drivers license of Geneva Convention. Wien version is not acceptable in Japan. ex. Saudi Arabia drivers license. Important, check the expired date of your license.

This is the law of Japan, so you have to get the latest information by your responsibility before departing from your country.

How to get a car in Okinawa

You can book a car by online booking sites such as QEEQ. The Toyota rent a car directly which has relationship with Hertz. It is most easy way.

In higher price season, sometimes car rental are fully booked,

Higher week are;

  • End and New year, the 29 Dec to 3rd
  • Golden Week, week of end of April to 1st week of May.
  • Obon Week, the week including 15th August.
  • Silver week, the week including XX of September

Alternative solution are the time car sharing, the individual car sharing by app and the direct rent through SNS. However it requires the driver's license issued by Japan for applying a car insurance. So it is difficult for tourist visitors.

Insurance is important for Japan

The mandatory drivers responsibility is including in car rental fee.
The additional CDW insurance have 2 tiers. The 1st tier is the coverage for excess of car damage CDW (Collision Damage Waiver), 2nd tier is coverage for NOC (Non operation charge) and tire puncture etc.

It is recommended to add 2nd tier, full coverage, for safety drive without worry even it cost enough higher.

Where you drive in Okinawa main Island

Yanbaru, Okinawa, beyond the wing

1. Ocean-view Yaka to Nago

If you go to north side Okinawa main island, it is good to get off the Okinawa express way at Yaka, then take the national road to North side. The reason is that till middle of island there are large cities and higher traffics, above the middle less traffic. The national road pass the beach side and beautiful views.

2. Yanbaru road

The north side forest is a tropical trees ways. You can enjoy to see jangle trees. The east side of Yanbaru road, really few car are driving, you may not meet any car during 30 minutes. However road maintenance condition is less.

3. Yanbaru forest road

You can enjoy to drive into the forest of Yanbaru. The road is many curves, and width is for 1 car. So if you meet another car, you need to do some distance of reverse drive.The road is not muddy, so you can drive it with your normal rent a car. The road is sometime closed, so if the road closed, U-turn and return.

4. Naha downtown

Naha downtown, main roads is enough width and higher traffic jam situations. But do not try to shortcut living area for avoiding a traffic jam, in the house habitant area, there are really narrow roads exist. In Okinawa, many small path are still available, so I recommend to book a small car for driving.

PS. Foreign Tourist Driving magnet sticker

Some rental car company put magnet sticker that explains the driver is foreign tourist visitor for caution to local drivers.

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